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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The world is a maze, and the walls are Time. Thus we are prevented from reaching Form I of the universe. In other words, there are higher dimensions, but our temporal boundaries keep us from perceiving them. The aliens have no such trouble; indeed, they were the ones who told the ancients of this situation disguised by the metaphor of the two Forms of the universe. At this stage of scientific knowledge, we can know identify and decode the metaphor.

Residing partly in our four dimensions and mostly in the higher dimensions, the aliens are able to exist in our world as latent, or hidden, forms. This is the true meaning of the Tao and duality. Time is an illusion, and when it is broken in our eyes we will transcend it to the higher dimensions.

The aliens created the myth of the One and the Forms to explain to the ancients this concept, but it was simply a more primitive model than the current model. It was no less accurate or reliable.

The Walls will be knocked down.

Information is what makes up the universe. All matter is a form of information, combining into more complex forms. Information cannot be destroyed because it can always be reformed (if it can be destroyed, then the sequence can always be run backwards). The human mind is a collection of information. Chemical processes are built up from the minute it forms to make up how we think. Therefore, the physical aspect of the human brain is completely unimportant. It can be destroyed, but the exact same brain can then be rebuilt. This is because we live in Form I of the universe, which is entirely deterministic and dead. Form II, the chaotic form, breaks these bounds and adds freedom. The human mind then becomes a unique structure, ever changing and never able to be rebuilt.

Until the point when Time is broken down, our minds can be destroyed and rebuilt, but when Form I rejoins Form II we will be consumed into the truth. With no Time, all information is simultaneous. We see all information, and as our knowledge approaches infinity, the ignorance inherent in Form I approaches zero. When Form I becomes connected with Form II the universe will be whole and information will be complete. The song of the One will at last be sung in it's entirety.

I looked up the definition of latent. It means something which is there but is not yet expressed. This means that the effect is within the cause and has merely to be expressed.

"Here time becomes space."

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Well, the first of my exams rolls around the corner tomorrow. I guess I still need to prepare a little but I've got it all worked out; it'll be fine by the morning. To tell the truth I'm not really all that bothered about these exams any more. A few weeks ago I was planning on suspending all form of social activity for the duration but I've realised that they probably won't be hard enough to justify that. Today I've done a little preparation, read a bit, and taken a wee walk. Just to chill out before the exam, maybe.

Yesterday I had a great afternoon out on the meadows again. I swear if anything makes me fail my exams it'll be the lure of that verdant green expanse on a sunny day. Irresistible, and I never seem to get any work done out there, though I did a bit of memory work on my walk today.

A real summer feeling is starting to grow on me and I really just feel like relaxing to some music outside. Stuck up in this flat when its so sunny is the most horrible torture I can imagine right now. Still, wandering through the lightened streets brings on a great contentment. It is very hard to think of anything more satisfying than being out in the beating sun with a cool beer and some good conversation.

I finished Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan earlier on. Its unlikely that I'll be reading too much in the next few weeks, so what a positive note to go out on! The plot was extremely clever - science fiction meets detective with a nice tinge of street-savvy grittiness. Before I turn into one of those wee endorsements on the back cover I'll stop talking about it, but suffice to say that it was a very good read, the more so as it was the author's first novel.

Now, back to the learning game, and adios,


Friday, May 05, 2006


Well I'm going to a gig tonight of my mates band, should be a laugh. I've been studying a bit today but I went for a walk with the intent of studying outside but I just read a few pages then headed home. Sunny days like this are impossible to work on.

In the past week I have done very little other than reading, studying and staying in. Sadly despite the beautiful weather I am kept from going out by these forthcoming exams. Yesterday I did read a good book though. It was entitled Jennifer Government and was a clever foray into the ramifications of an overgrown corporate culture. I found myself reading it all evening after I finished off All Tomorrow's Parties by William Gibson (which I got for the name - Velvet Underground are brilliant). Now I'm onto a new book but I'm only just started it really so I can't really comment on it just yet.

It was very sunny when I was out today. The wind was almost unnoticeable and the meadows was packed with the usual cohort of footballers, sunbathers, students, and frisbee players. I didn't meet many people I knew but I sat under a tree near the road leading up to town and delved into my physics notes. Unfortunately I discovered that a lot of the things I was taught a while ago have inconveniently slipped from my mind. I suppose the only thing is to relearn them, which is what I am trying to do now. Of course, the internet has its multiple diversions (such as this blog, for example) and I realise I will almost inevitably have to quit while I still haven't wasted too much time and return to the textbooks.

So until my next post, adios,


Saturday, April 29, 2006

Next Saturday

Well, I realise its been a week since I posted. Probably better that way, save it all up then I can write something maybe. Or more likely I can just write a more substantiated nothing.

Today I went to the May Day rally. Traditional socialist event, had some good chants on the walk down Princes Street and up the Mound. After a rousing rendition of "Charles Clarke is a cunt" (height of sophistication, of course) we got kindly asked by a nice policewoman if we could leave swearing out of our chanting. It was before the nine o clock watershed and all, I suppose. Gorgeous day for it at least. Ended up down at the meadows listening to chaps talking and getting ripped off for beer. All for a good cause though. Only ended up having one can (which they poured into a wee paper cup thing) and getting one for a mate before remembering I wasn't drinking. No harm done really. Good to get out and wave the red flag every so often at least. Saw some old acquaintances and that as well. Should have been studying really; should be doing it now, but no danger.

Still a couple weeks till the big ones. Though I do realise I have a whole pile to cram into my head. Sometimes I despair at this system. Cram as much information into your skull as you can, pish it out on a piece of paper and then forget it as quickly as you can. Some life training, eh?

Anyway, I suppose I'd best return to the learning game right enough. This computer isn't helping me at all. Just sit down and my mind turns off (witness the pointlessness of this writing for evidence!). Need to get my head in gear, get it sorted.


Saturday, April 22, 2006


Some studying has, thankfully, been done today. Not enough so far though. I didn't get as much done yesterday as I'd hoped; going out later on didn't help either although it was very fun. Supposedly we're doing stuff later on today as well but I've not got that confirmed yet. With exams on the horizon, I'll soon have to chain myself to my desk to stop myself going out at all!

My writing is taking a bit of a back seat over the weeks leading up to the examination period. I'm getting worried as I haven't even written a full short story in several months now, although I did start a novel which is now about the length of a typical short story.

Clocks have to be one of the most annoying inventions ever. Sitting in my room, looking for a bit of peace and quiet, I am suddenly assailed by this tick, tock over and over. When I try to sleep it somehow crescendos to an unearthly volume. The only way I can stand it is by imagining it as some sort of dance beat, although at 60bpm it isn't exactly too fast. It gets harder and harder to ignore every day. My next objective in life is to teach myself to entirely remove it from my conscious mind, even when it is the only sound I can hear. At least it isn't bad as the soundtrack from that awful Mary Poppins.

For some reason somebody is watching it at a rather high volume and it's doing my heid in. Some of the most irritating tunes known to man are currently blasting away at my already rather well-developed headache. Now I remember why I started listening to loud music while working in the first place. It is almost impossible to work without it because of the multiple distractions that crop up when I switch it off.

Not even a terribly nice day so I can't really go outside for some quiet. The horrors of the modern world, eh? Who'd live with them? Well I'll be off to look for some form of reprieve.


Thursday, April 20, 2006


Two blogposts in one evening... I am a busy boy! Well, I've just been reading most of the evening and I realised I must be some kind of novel junkie. I can't stop reading the things. Since I got home from the library yesterday I have now read two decent sized novels. Its like, bags under the eyes from up too late reading, carrying the books around with the drive to get to the end. It comes in phases though, sometimes its five a week, sometimes I'm so busy I only struggle through one. Yesterday was the first time I've been to the library in a while; a couple of months ago I was into buying books from amazon but my money has kind of dried up a bit for various reasons. All I can say is, if I don't keep myself away from that library I'll never keep up with the learning game.

Living a thousand lives leaves no time for this solitary one with its pressures of work needing to be done and all that. Much easier to lose myself in a good book for hours on end. Feels like I've been so many different people though, done so many things that I'd never even have thought of. Crazy trip anyway, reading. Always loved it since I was a wee one.

But as I say, must keep up with the learning game as well. Wouldn't do to spend all my time on reading now at such a crucial time and look back to regret it. Lead us not into libraries, but deliver us from reading... The next few weeks look to be full of hard graft. It'll all be worth it in the end though.

Aye, in the end when I can finally drop all that nonsense I'm getting taught and learn some real stuff! The world beckons enticingly...


Chapping away

Well, this time I think it might be me chapping on the doors. Or is that the wrong metaphor? Aye, the doors I go to chap at are already wide open when I arrive. No fun there; maybe they just find it too hard to understand me sometimes. I don't blame them. I don't understand me at any time. Well, that is perhaps the ground state of being for most people. Maybe just sitting down and thinking through things would aid and abet my self understanding. Perhaps that is an aspect of meditation, self understanding that is. Hotboy probably knows a lot about this as he seems to be clued up in terms of meditation. Not sure about all this ra bliss stuff just yet, but a little more understanding of things would be just what the doctor ordered!

Today some weird things were going down with my mate Fergie. That cat thinks I've got some weird madness, no doubt, but he keeps on taking things I say far too seriously. Life is one cosmic joke and all that jazz, so I try to treat it as such but the poor guy takes the wrong end of the stick. No worries, though, its all fine in the end. We had a right banter earlier on anyway so its no bother. Perhaps this could have been helped by my new attitude to committing myself to hard work (like that's going to stick...). It feels like I'll be able to get on easily in my studies now. Even the fact that I haven't actually worked hard for several weeks has done nothing to dampen this feeling.

A new, healthier, diligent me. We all need that sometimes. Just a feeling like nothing major will go wrong in the near future, to get us through the struggles. Keeping up with the learning game and that.

Finished Trainspotting earlier; brilliant novel! I just picked it up from the library at the last minute yesterday after getting a few others and I'm glad I did. I've just got started on something called "Mary and the Giant" by Philip Dick, which seems to be one of the non-scifi novels that he wrote from what I've read so far. That man was a brilliant writer, but boy did he have some troubles. Can't even remember how many wives he got through.

I'm seriously starting to have doubts as to the relevancy of this blog, and the point in writing the thing. Perhaps it could help to develop my writing. Or possibly even degrade it. Who knows? Ah well, the man thinks in strange ways. Didn't get very much writing done today I'm afraid, even after my genius idea a couple of nights ago. I'll pick up the old pen and paper soon though. Perhaps I'll even stick a wee excerpt up on the blog sometime.

Well, tschus, auf wiedersehen, and all the other German I can't remember,


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Here comes another lunchtime without the prospect of lunch. Not to worry, thinking is easier on an empty stomach. Well, I did a bit of writing last night and I was very satisfied with the results, but I am tentative as to whether to develop it as a novel or not. The fact that I have absolutely no idea of a plot that could follow is perhaps a factor in what I will decide. However, as I was turning in for the night I came up with a great idea that will be a short story if not a novel.

Talking of writing, I am very impressed at the moment with hotboy and his writing. Not only does he have a fascinating blog, but his webpage contains some of the best unpublished novels I've seen. Best of luck to him in his quest for an agent!

Maybe I'm sympathising with him because I think one day I might need an agent. If I ever feel like my ramblings and writing could make a wee bit of money, I wouldn't turn down the chance! So far I've had a couple of short stories published in magazines but nothing major. There are just so many writers these days.

Not that thats a bad thing of course, we all love a good writer. One such is the brilliant Jeff Noon, author of such brilliant classics as Vurt and Pollen. Really crazy cyberpunky modern scifi stuff. Its hard to remember how many times I've read and reread his stuff.

Anyway, time is flying on after a good ten minutes wasted and I must now be away. Good day, ghosties and such.